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Baby Boomer or a Senior?

Me Too!

Let me help you learn to maintain or improve your fitness and health through knowledge and ‘HOW TO’ instruction on exercise and nutrition. I will help you understand the components of fitness and how to exercise with heart disease and arthritis.

I am now 71 and quite fit. I am going to write about how I experience aging and deal with the issues of aging that happen to each of us. I hope you will add your comments and we can all experience aging gracefully together.

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What am I going to write about? Check out the short video below.

The video shows black arrows raising from birth below the dependency threshold. It then often declines below the same threshold line at or before death. That’s a normal aging curve. As you can see the downward pressure from the impacts of secondary aging are quite negative.

My goal is to raise my Aging Curve by having my lifestyle control my body.  Doing exercises for boomers and seniors will help me  age gracefully. The result is that I can raise my aging curve and stay as healthy as possible as long as possible!

“Each box below represents one component of fitness I work on in pursuit of that goal!”


What and Why?

Learn to improve the functioning of your engine, your heart and lungs!


Why is this important for Seniors?

Can you catch yourself to prevent a fall? Even a little improvement in strength may help prevent a serious injury?


Can you bend and lift? Twist and turn?

If you can’t bend and lift…how do you pick up your grandchildren, or a couple bags of groceries?

Balance and Fall Prevention

Why are these much more serious as we age?

Loss of muscle and inactivity are the cause.  Let me show you how you can prevent this from happening to you!

Dealing With Pain

Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Hip, Knee, Sciatic, Rotator Cuff, Back, Arthritic

I have had many of these. See how I dealt with them and try my preventative exercise approach.


Fuel For Your Body

Most people take better care of their cars than they do of their body! A little knowledge here will have a big impact.

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There is no particular order to follow.  Just think about what’s important to you today! We are all in different places with health and fitness. Then go the Blog page and find that subject category. And please share your comments about what’s happening as you age.